Elevator Speech

I run a business that helps folks make material changes.

We make changes to:

green check mark6   mobile apps

green check mark6   websites and other web-presences

green check mark6   wall color and landscapes

green check mark6   organizational processes and products

green check mark6   electronic devices and systems.

My portfolio includes an executive who wants his home network to run better, a national counseling agency that wants to provide a turnkey business system for its network of clinicians, a local pipe & pump warehouse that wants a more up-to-date local web presence, a restaurant that wants a surveillance system installed and its walls painted, a retired couple that wants to tweak their xeriscape, an inventor who wants a web app, and a business man who wants to buy real estate with his 401(k).

If you want to have something, my business -James (DJ) Nickles Consulting, LLC - would love to you help you get it.