Auto Auto ℠ – Driverless Cars are Closer Than You Think

Nissan Self Driving Leaf

First it was Nevada then Florida and now California. Last week it became legal to test Driverless Cars in California. That is a big step towards the inevitable: AFFECTS (Automobiles that are Fuel Friendly Easy on Carbon and Traffic Safe).Nissan Self Driving Leaf

Nissan NSC-2015 Picture
Nissan is targeting the 2015 time frame to roll out its first self-driving car. | October 09, 2012 | Nissan Motors Corporation, Inc.

As I mentioned in an earlier post Auto Auto℠ by Google, a major investor in the driverless car movement is Google. In October of last year Nissan revealed a driverless Leaf prototype that could be at your neighborhood dealer by 2015.  The other auto companies are right behind adopting smart car electronics much quicker than expected. I am betting that Auto Auto℠ will be legal in all 50 states and that at least 10% of new cars sold will be Auto Autos℠ by 1/1/2022. That is a real bet. It is against my brother who is betting on 2017. It looks like I might loose that bet which would be OK with me. The sooner we can reduce the ridiculous number of traffic fatalities (about 30,000 per year) in the US the better.

I’d be interested to read your predictions in the comments section…