Caution: Is Your Gmail Account at Risk?

Your Gmail account could be at risk along with everything in it and everyone attached to it. The same holds true for Facebook, Twitter, your bank accounts, and any other account that requires a login.

There is a phishing exploit that is gaining traction and sooner or later you’ll be exposed to it. Here is what to look for:

If you are asked to sign in to your Google Account or any account for that matter, make sure the word “Data” does not appear at the beginning of the url in the location bar address line at the top of your browser window. Don’t complete the form!



The above example is from a phishing page meant to lure unsuspecting people into giving up their password.  Don’t complete the form! Get away from the website. Report the email as spam and call your friend who sent the email with the link. They’ve been hacked.

Instead the correct location address bar should look like the below picture:



Thank you to  Mark Maunde for the screenshot examples.