I’m predicting that the 1st meaningful data only Mobile Personal Support Device (MPSD) will be available before the end of Q1 2011. The writing is on the wall: Google rolls out an integrated communication platform; FCC opens up the airwaves; rumors of Facebook phone; Facebook and Skype rolling out an integrated communication platform; Mozilla releases dream device concept video.

With all of this in place, why pay for voice service? I’m holding out on upgrading my Verizon contract waiting for a data only device. I was thinking I was going to mashup one of my own but was reluctant to do so because of the anticipated clumsiness and cost of the parts and the time it would take to integrate software for all of the pieces. We’re talking about slinging around a tablet with a bunch of peripherals.

Now I’m thinking that the device will be here in a mater of months. What do you think? Should I wait or should I build it? Or do you know of something available today?