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Me? I'm a walking cliche. A character from "O Lucky Man!". I just can't figure out if I'm Alan Price, Gloria Roe, or Mick Travis.

I'm the smartest dumb person I've ever believed. I've systematically built a customer base of 3200 employers and systematically spent everything on making a fortune. I've closed some of the biggest, slowest corporations anyone has ever met and yet get nervous talking to a group of fellow beekeepers. I've separated people from their money for the cause of making more money but I've been unable to find a way to separate people from their money for the cause of housing the not-so-wealthy.

I want freedom to be a formula and love to be a set of check boxes.

I was raised by the second most patient woman on the planet and married the most patient one.

I love myself but not more than God loves me, thank God.

That pretty much sums me up.

Favorite Quote: "Design dictates margins not the other way around." -DJ Nickles

Can do: B2B, B2C, product design and product development, end to end project management, executive level management.


Beekeeping, everything open source

Groups and Associations:

NM Beekeepers Association, Gallery Project, eMarketing Association Network, Coronado Ventures Forum, The Virtual Energy Forum, NM Technology Council (formerly NMITSA), New Mexico Business Leaders, New Mexico Bloggers