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Woocommerce Role Based Taxes or Prevent Wholesaler Shipping Tax

While creating a Woocommerce product you can indicate whether or not the product is taxable using the Tax Status and Tax Class fields. But if you’ve enabled Shipping Tax in Woocommerce settings, then wholesale customers will still see a shipping tax. My solution: add a Woocommerce role based tax exempt filter to the child theme. It…

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Protectionism Bad, Localization Good

Protectionism is bad for the economy as was demonstrated in the late 1920’s early 1930’s. Import taxes or any other special interest subsidies artificially inflate prices and ultimately reduce the quality of life for everyone except the benefactors of the subsidy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 9 million US workers in…

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Source Code inside a WordPress Blog Post or Page

The language (or lang) parameter controls how the code is syntax highlighted. Supported Languages: actionscript3 bash clojure coldfusion cpp csharp css delphi diff erlang fsharp go groovy html java javafx javascript latex (you can also render LaTeX) matlab (keywords only) objc perl php powershell python r ruby scala sql text vb xml If the language…

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Domain Mapping Without a Plugin for WordPress Multisite Installation

Domain mapping for WordPress multisite installation used to require a plugin such as “WordPress MU Domain Mapping” (free) or  “Domain Mapping” (premium plugin good for automation and monetizing network) or “Pronamic Domain Mapping” (free).  That is no longer the case. The following variations are domain mapping solutions for a subdomain multisite that don’t require a…

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Caution: Is Your Gmail Account at Risk?

Your Gmail account could be at risk along with everything in it and everyone attached to it. The same holds true for Facebook, Twitter, your bank accounts, and any other account that requires a login. There is a phishing exploit that is gaining traction and sooner or later you’ll be exposed to it. Here is…

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Storyboardography, Website Development and Coding

My lack of genius requires me to be a storyboardographer. Having worked with clients of all shapes and sizes, I’ve learned to rely on storyboard-ing a project so that the buyer can get a feel for the UI and the flow before the coding begins. The way I do that is layout a non-working page…

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Woocommerce Star Rating Displays “SSSSS”

Woocommerce star rating symbols can sometimes lose the stars styling which will result in SSSSS being displayed. It can be a theme or plugin issue and usually appears after an update of some sorts. My solution is to add the following custom CSS .woocommerce .star-rating, .woocommerce-page .star-rating { width: 6em !important; } Let me know…

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